DIY Do It Yourself Design for projects big and small always starts with great planning. Write some notes, draw some pictures, take some great photos and do a little research. Well OK, do a lot of research!

Start at the end – have a great vision in your mind of how you want your project to look when it is done.

Whether you are going to decorate glass jars to celebrate a holiday or turn your old dingy bathroom into a modern home renovation it is important to get to know your project. Find out which paint will work with what you are painting. What kind of plumbing to do you have and can you modify it yourself? Will you have the right tools for the job no matter what that job is and budget questions like how much can you afford to spend vs how much will this cost me from start to finish.

DIY Do It Yourself Fun
DIY Do It Yourself Fun

Some of the favorite things in my home are things I have redecorated, recycled, repainted and restyled just because….. well because I like it better now and I love the DIY big and small: Check out some of our DIY Projects Here

Go shopping. Whether it is online or in the stores, see what’s out there and what will work for you. Have your notes and photos and measurements always handy. I rely on my Sony Digital Camera or iPhone to take photos of the box I want to decorate or the room I am renovating) and then I can use this photo or copy of my notes to add more notes, measurements, prices etc with me wherever I go.  If you like your plans printed now you can do that and of course after I print the page and write all over it, I take another photo of it with my smartphone so I have it with me everywhere, make a printed copy to keep in my go everywhere bag and then I’m sure to have all the info I need when I am ready to commit!

It’s a great idea to take the printed copy to the stores along with a pen to write down prices and measurements then you have it all on one page to go home and decide which option is best for you.

Be safe – Be Prepared – Try to plan it all out the best you can but don’t be afraid! Be creative, start with smaller projects or repairs you are already familiar with then pull out all the stops and go for the vision.

DIY doesn’t have to mean you are on your own! My friends on Google (well no I have never met them actually) are always there for me with great advice, photos and videos no matter what I am looking for help with. Do you use online resources for your DIY projects? We would love for you to share your pages, websites and resources with us too!