If you have pavers, sidewalk, cement areas that have weeds, you really want to know how to get rid of weeds naturally! I’m really against using wicked poison weed killers and pesticides even though I’m not exactly a crazy over the top environmentalist I have my boundaries both inside and outside the home, I feel the same way about protecting my family, pets, outdoor lakes and rivers and really respect that it is part of our homes and our responsibility to stop using poisons and earth toxins wherever we can. But that’s OK because I found the answer to killing my weeds and keeping it healthy outdoors. Ready for the secret recipe…….. it’s easy! So easy the kids can help you do it.

How To Get Rid Of Weeds Naturally
How To Get Rid Of Weeds Naturally

All you need are these three ingredients so gather them up and let’s go outside

  1. White Distilled Any Brand or Kind of Vinegar
  2. Salt Plain Old Any Brand Table Salt
  3. Dawn or Palmolive Or Any Brand Dish Soap
  4. A plastic container, pitcher, bucket or jug
  5. Garbage bag to collect the weeds that are never coming back

I also used a pair of garden gloves and a plastic fork for poking into dirt and corners

IMPORTANT NOTE!! – do not use this in your garden and any areas where you do want your grass, vegetables, trees or shrubs to grow – the salt water solution will probably kill everything growing in the nearby soil!! Great for backyard decks, pavers, driveways, sidewalks etc.

weeds all ingredients2

Pour Vinegar into your container, as much as it will hold or you have handy. Dump in the salt. No specific amount but use a lot of salt because salt is the key. Add about 12 drops of your dish soap. Shake, toss or stir depending on your container and start pulling weeds.

Every time you pull a weed with as many roots attached as you can, fill the hole with your vinegar mixture. Bunch of weeds all together hard to get out then stick your plastic fork prongs in, make some entry holes, pour the vinegar and then try to get the weeds out. Pour more weed mixture everywhere you go.

weeds everywhere3

I get that it’s time consuming but trust me, weeds will never come back in these areas. Keep poking, pulling and pouring and you will naturally get rid of all the weeds! The salt will inhibit any growth because nothing wants to grow in salt water (important to see note above!!), the dish soap helps the salt and vinegar soak into the ground and not wash away and the vinegar changes the pH of the soil enough to keep it just right for clear areas.

weeds gone

The photo above is of my backyard pavers months and months after I de-weeded naturally with my vinegar, salt and dish soap natural solution. It’s still clear of weeds and looks great. If any pop up I pull them out, pour some vinegar, salt and dish soap and no more weeds.