My seashell planter is one of my favorite homemade projects. It was one of those things you think about and never get around to. Every time I looked at the plain planter on the outside of my screen door I would think I really should replace that planter. It has a great aloe plant growing in it that was a baby clipping from a great big aloe plant that we never thought would take, but my daughter babied it and it was now thriving. I didn’t really want to transplant it but I could. But I didn’t.

Seashell Planter DIY
Seashell Planter Home Made and One Of My Favorite Shell Art Projects
And I really like the shape of the planter that fit really nicely in the little plant stand. So really for months I did nothing. Except for say I really should do something with that planter, at least 3 times a week.

Aloe Plant In My Old Planter Pre Seashell Renovation
Aloe Plant In My Old Planter Pre Seashell Renovation

Then it happened. The great idea and motivation from out of nowhere. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could cover the planter with some of the great seashells I am always collecting from the beaches I love.

Seashells From The Beaches I Love

Out came the seashells. Tons of seashells. All different sizes, shapes, colors. Out came the tacky glue, mod podge and then finally, the only thing that really worked to hold the naturally shaped shells to the curvy shaped planter (with the aloe plant still inside the whole time) was the hot glue gun…..