Pork Roll is super delicious and knowing how to cook pork roll in a skillet or frying pan the easy way will make it an even more delicious addition to your favorite easy recipes.

Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese – mouth watering delicious.

How To Cook Pork Roll

Pork Roll is super delicious and knowing how to cook pork roll in a skillet or frying pan the easy way will make it an even more delicious addition to your favorite easy recipes.

Cooking it in a frying pan or on a skillet isn’t too hard at all. Some butter in the pan, brown on both sides, drop in some eggs then cheese it was amazingly good! But, awkward. As soon as the slices started to brown they kind of bubbled up like a sombrero my daughter called it. Still it was really delicious.

The trick to cooking pork roll slices just right is scoring the sides of the slices so that once they start frying they still lay flat and all of the pork roll browns and cooks to it’s fullest delicious taste.

Time required: 15 Minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: Inexpensive


  • Pork Roll
  • Butter


  • Skillet or Frying Pan
  • Spatula


1. Pork roll is available pre-packaged in slices, this is how I buy it, all you have to do is remove the desired amount of slices from the package and no further preparation is needed before cooking.

If you buy pork roll in bulk size then you need to open the packaging, slice or cut off the desired portions before heating the frying pan.

2. Score the sides of the pork roll slices from the outside edges in, but not all the way in to the center. Probably you just need three or four scores (cuts) around the slice but since I want mine to brown nicely along the whole slice surface I score it all the way around and it ends up looking like a cool DIY pork roll flower.
3. Melt some butter in the frying pan before adding the pork roll, let the butter melt but not overheat or burn. Drop the slices in and fry up one side at a time. When you turn it over, it should be sizzly brown, I don’t like mine too hard and overcooked, just brown enough to make my mouth
4. The pork roll slices actually brown very quickly so once you turn it be prepared to add anything else you were going to add to your meal as soon as it is ready. Right now I would be cracking some eggs right on top or along side, then adding some cheese and cooking until it’s just firm for an unbelievable pork roll, eggs and cheese.
5. Easy cooked pork roll, egg and cheese is a great meal any time of day, most people I know love it for breakfast but I love it any time!