Bacon because who doesn’t love bacon! I love bacon. My family loves bacon. But honestly I don’t like Bacon mess. Not too fond of the spattering grease and not too fond of cleaning the greasy messy pan and stove cooktop afterwards either. But now I found the easiest way in the world to cook bacon.

Bacon Cooked

It starts with an aluminum disposable baking foil tray, an aluminum foil wrapped cookie sheet, a package or two of your favorite bacon, pre-heat your oven to 425° and get ready for bacon and a kitchen that smells amazing.

You can easily cook a package of bacon per aluminum foil tray probably you can fit two packages in each tray but it will take a little longer to cook that way if you are in a hurry.

Every now and then take a look to see how it’s browning but honestly you don’t need or want to fuss with it often. I use tongs as I see the top pieces browning to move the slices around but don’t worry about lining them up etc, they really cook just fine on their own.

Bacon In The RawBacon Rare TongsBacon Medium

Figure about 20 – 30 minutes for one package, depending on your oven and depending on how well done you like your bacon. For those who like it tender you can remove it when it’s cooked just right and let the others get crisper for those who like to hear their bacon crunch.

Slice Of Bacon

It’s a good idea to have a plate with a paper towel on it to place your bacon on when it’s cooked to drain the excess grease.

Bacon Well Cooked
Easy Bacon Cooking Just How You Love It
Bacon Towel
Bacon Is Easy To Drain After Cooking Remove To A Plate With A Paper Towel

Now it’s time to join your bacon with some eggs, a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich, bacon cheeseburger and get ready for everyone in the family to “taste test” right from the paper towel before you even get to serve it. I always make extra because I know they will! The bacon comes out crispy not mushy not burned (unless you burn it), not greasy but still fresh cooked bacon with no mess other than an aluminum pan and paper towel to throw away after!

Bacon and Eggs perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Bacon and Eggs perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner